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At Farnsley Wealth Management, we help our clients understand the vast array of financial products and investment strategies available and offer a full-service approach to meet your needs. 

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Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • At Farnsley, our process begins with understanding your unique personal and financial situation to create an individually customized financial plan.
  • From tax and retirement planning, cashflow, estate planning, and more, we cover a lot of ground and leave no stone unturned.   
  • Our tailored-made comprehensive financial plans encompass all your financial needs and morph over time as your financial and life goals change.

Fee-Based Asset Management

  • With our fee-based asset management model clients pay for financial advice based on value — never the amount of transactions.
  • At Farnsley, our clients' objectives and our compensation always remain in alignment and our advice goes beyond specific investments resulting in sustained growth over time.

Tax Reduction Strategies

  • Do you want your taxes to be less taxing? 
  • Tax laws can be complex but you're not alone. Our seasoned team members can help with tax planning and preparation year-round.   
  • We'll provide guidance on structuring investment portfolios that minimize your tax burden and optimize credits when available.


  • We offer a variety of investment products to fit your financial goals and risk tolerance. Whether you're new to investments or have been trading for years, we are here to support you. 
  • Our goal is to help you build and manage your portfolio whether that be through mutual funds, stocks, exchange traded index funds, bonds, options, real estate investment trusts or socially responsible investing opportunities. Our team has a breadth of experience and depth of knowledge to assist you in all areas of your investments.

Education Funding

  • Heading off to college is an exciting time. However, it's critical to choose funding your options carefully and as early as possible. At Farnsley we'll explore all of the options available to you and your family. 
  • We specialize in education IRAs, unified transfer to minors accounts (UTMA), and Section 529 plans.

Retirement Planning 

  • You've worked hard, you deserve the retirement you've worked for. The retirement planning services from Farnsley provide the resources and direction you need for a successful retirement. 
    • Qualified Plans - 401(k), 403(b), SEP-IRA, SIMPLE-IRA, and profit sharing plans.
    • Non-Qualified Plans - deferred compensation plans, SERPs, and executive benefit plans.
    • Individual Retirement Funding - Roth IRA, traditional IRA and annuities.


  • As a retiree the last thing you want is to lose your financial resources. Annuities from Farnsley will help you achieve a comfortable income after you retire. 
  • At Farnsley we offer five different types of annuities to fit your situation: 
    • Term
    • Variable 
    • Whole life
    • Disability
    • Long-term 

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